Mod idea

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Mod idea

by jeremyericson » Thu Nov 14, 2019 02:10

Hey, i had a really good mod idea, this is it:
Dreaming A mod where when you go to sleep in a bed you very rarely have a dream you can have a nightmare or a regular dream, I have no idea how to do this but like it will open a video in minetest of the dream, al the player has to do is sit back and watch the dream, what we will do is make a bunch of videos and make them play always different time idk if this is possible but someone please make it, it would be awesome

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Re: Mod idea

by tashbaugh » Fri Nov 15, 2019 15:11

Thats an interesting idea. I don't think the engine supports video playback, but you could accomplish something similar by clearing the player's properties(visual size,nametag,collisionbox) and attaching the player to an entity in a pre-built dreamscape area.

You'd use code similar to that found in the Spectator_Mode mod:
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