Accurate calculation for mob fall distance damage

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Accurate calculation for mob fall distance damage

by LC Creations » Post

So I hope you read that correctly. Basically, my mob has a feature that makes it get damaged when it falls but I want to to be more concise. I want to calculate how much damage should take place based on the distance of its fall and its weight. I have a default weight value of 155 which should be considered the normal weight of a player for my mod. It can be accessed via self.weight. Weight obviosly means how much the mob weighs. Also if I create gravity based on the players weight how would that be done?

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Re: Accurate calculation for mob fall distance damage

by Andrey01 » Post

I`d suggest so:

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local y_vel = player:get_player_velocity().y
local player_damage = 2*math.ceil(y_vel)
local player_hp = player:get_hp() >= player_damage and player:get_hp()-player_damage or 0
player:set_hp(player_hp, "falling_down")
'2' value means to damage a player if he has the velocity along Y is equal to 1.

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