Free/Libre art in the Creative Commons (including public domain)

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Free/Libre art in the Creative Commons (including public domain)

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If you need some inspiration or some source material from which to make derivative work: -- libre audio files! Wikimedia Commons CC0 images (ca. 4 million) - Thanks Hybrid Dog!
Resources for free/libre art many just requiring to mention the name of the original author (CC-BY) and lots in the public domain (CC0). Several collections can be searched from here. Be aware that in some cases you will see "ND" which restricts derivative work or "NC" which restricts commercial use.

Trees in Jamaica, West Indies
by Frederic Edwin Church, American, 1826–1900 (CC 0)

Image from

Fall Colors
by Greenville, SC Daily Photo (CC 0)
Image ... baa26e3807
result of "tree trunk color"
Image ... ture=false

Happy Hunting!
Fall Colors.jpg
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Re: Free art in the Creative Commons (including public domain)

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This is the preferred way to find free graphics. There are many resources available, for those who simply look. Thanks for posting the link.

Using FOSS or CC content from other game and or project sites is also a good resource.

There is the Opensim community of content, some based off of Second Life assets, but relicensed by the owners/creators for Opensim after SL took a crap.

Linda Kellie is a name of a content creator for those platforms who release her entire collection under CC terms. Worth g00gling a name...

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Re: Free art in the Creative Commons (including public domain)

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Cool I will usé it for my next oak tree. Thankz.
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Re: Free/Libre art in the Creative Commons (including public domain)

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Wikimedia Commons has many CC0 images (ca. 4 million):


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