Locks, Protection, and Sharing are Kind of a Mess

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Locks, Protection, and Sharing are Kind of a Mess

by errant » Post

I'm playing on a public server with PVP enabled with my friend. We built a semi-public base and would like to secure it from griefing.

The mod protector: is on the server, so Protection Blocks are available and I just have to fill in my friends' names to let them build in our base. I have to update a block each time a friend joins, but it's not that big of a deal yet.

The mod locks: is also on the server, so I just have to update names every time a shared chest or door is laid down. Except it's limited to only one type of chest (wooden) and one type of door (wooden). Even though, the server has iron, copper, silver, and so on chests; and nice looking doors (glass, French, Japanese).

This also doesn't cover Refrigerators and Kitchen Cabinets (things that we can visually determine what is inside the container). For those, I happened to make a Skeleton Key and put those in a single Shared Chest. But it's not suitable for chests which will look identical. Also a named Silver Chest will not have its name reflected upon the Skeleton Key.

Now it's starting to be a mess because I have to maintain every chest, door, and protection block. It would be a lot simpler if I just had to update the protection block just to let my friends have access to resources and building within the case.

If I ever want to make a mod to fill in the gaps or have a mod that relies on either locks protection, or sharing, it seems to be an even bigger problem.

I made this clip of me trying to add a name to a shared door.

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