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Minetest Mod DataBase

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 23:41
by Iqualfragile
The Minetest Mod DataBase is a database for all your minetest mods & texturepacks.
This Post explains how you use it.

Using the Website

+ Spoiler

Adding A Mod

+ Spoiler

Downloading Mods in Minetest

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Rules for Mods

  • No inappropriate content (nsfw&snufstuff)
  • No Material you are not allowed to use/distribute (minecraft textures etc)
  • No Modpacks! (there are some rare exceptions like mobf)
  • No bulkfiles (screenshots, logfiles) inside the archive
  • No malicious code
  • No .rar or other proprietary archives (.zip prefered atm)
  • The mod needs to work, obviously

Things to do

  • Add Subgames to mmdb
  • Fix gallery displaying gray square if there is only one picture (jeija)
  • Improve minetest client (sapier)
Please suggest categories, I think that the actual mod authors are better at finding some that make sense then I am.
Name any Licenses you need added.
Place to report bugs

Have fun or die trying. (THIS IS BEEETAAAA)