Game Making FAQ [W.I.P.] - post your questions here

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Re: Game Making FAQ [W.I.P.] - post your questions here

by texmex » Thu Sep 05, 2019 16:12

Yeah, thanks for that introduction Wuzzy. I was able to actually get something off the ground in a short amount of time thanks to not having to guess stuff.

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Re: Game Making FAQ [W.I.P.] - post your questions here

by ShadMOrdre » Thu Sep 05, 2019 19:32

Wuzzy gave us great advise there.

As a quick start, towards jumpstarting further development, I recommend the specific following mods.

Wuzzy's Empty game. It's basically the file structure with some dummy images to get started on menu customization.

burli's modbase experiment provided some quick starts for the gui and player. Gui means the base formspec, referenced by many mods that depend on default for this one thing. the player is essentially the player_api, found in MTG v5.

To round out the Gui/Hud/Inv, Wuzzy's hudbars, or Blockmen's hud_hunger modpack, with hbsprint, for the Hud and sfinv, sfinv_buttons, and smart_sfinv modpack for inventory.

It goes to say here that simply using a themed set of different textures will greatly help in getting a better overall look and feel for your particular game dev project.

You'll need a player model, so 3d_armor, or the default from player_api. player_anim is a nice feature. I've had issues with the multiskin model, but would prefer to use it. (A new model, with more animations, and more texture options, maybe.) Also, any non-human like character models need to also include things like armor sets, that are applied specifically for those models. A tree ent does not look too good in a Diamond helmet.

player_monoids, playereffects, late, and pova, if desired, to expand player. 3d_armor to round out the player experience. Awards, quests, and sys4_quests modpack also provide some depth. These all

Most of the above is largely functionality, with limited to no actual gameplay content, but a great base to start.

I think alot of this could easily be consolidated.

With this base, I am working on something.....

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