Integrating a tutorial into Minetest

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Re: Integrating a tutorial into Minetest

by sofar » Post

I would strongly suggest that if the "Tutorial" subgame is present, and the game is loaded for the first time, that a popup-dialog appears to invite the player to play the tutorial. After closing the tutorial game, another popup should appear that tells the user that if they want to go back to the tutorial, that it can be found under the "singleplayer" tab.

I think that restarting the tutorial should be doable *inside* the tutorial itself, possibly at load time.

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Re: Integrating a tutorial into Minetest

by Wuzzy » Post

I was told in the IRC channel “#minetest-dev” to make an issue on GitHub. So I went ahead and created issue 3778:

sofar: Your first suggestion was already my idea, you stole it, you thief!! xD haha, just kidding. Suggestion 2 sounds reasonable. Your last suggestion … hmmm, I don’t know if it would be worth the effort. It’s probably possible but probably also a lot of work.
Anyway, sooner or later I really should practice my non-existing LuaVoxelManipulator skills (not just for tutorial). ;-)

Fixerol: Tutorial IS a subgame with icon. There is also a background with instructions on how to start it but it is really just temporary and may be removed later since I want the tutorial to be treated in a way a tutorial should be treated like. ;-)
I don’t know if you noticed it, but I am talking about this one: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=10192

But I think the tutorial should be hidden as a subgame, it should be accessible with a special button or something like that (see my new integration plan). If you have a “Start tutorial” button, then having it as a subgame entry in the main menu is redundant and also inconvenient for long-time users. For the player, the tutorial subgame should not appear as a subgame.
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Re: Integrating a tutorial into Minetest

by rubenwardy » Post

If you made the schematic be placed on mapgen time, you could just call minetest.delete_area or whatever it's called, then just teleport the player to the start and reset their inventory

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Re: Integrating a tutorial into Minetest

by hajo » Post

Wuzzy wrote: Tutorial subgame+world, here’s the obvious feature request:
Add this tutorial to Minetest.
Seconded, and I also suggest to remove that "Minimal Development Test"-game
from the standard package.

It is not useful for normal users, and developers should be able to install it on their own.

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