My proposals of features.

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My proposals of features.

by marzin » Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:15

Hi to all.

I'm never played in Minecraft. But I'm played in Minetest

So, I'm thinkt that my visions can be valuable in making a Minetest different of Minecraft :)

First: I'm think that should be a mechanism like in dwarf fortres: a different types of stone, metal, etc with different values.

Second: because this would be difficult to program a hundres of kinds in Minetest by devs so should be mechanism of XML files with definitions of planst, mobs, etc (like a DF but DF has a own format)

Third: maybe a need of eating?

Four: a commodities should be in "clusters"

Five: maybe different climatezones?

Six: 4 & 5 made a betwen players trade more interesting

Seven: maybe a kind of steampunk like technology? or magic.

What do you think about all it?

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