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Re: iOS?

by zeuner » Post

I proposed a way of getting started with running on iOS without App Stores and Jailbreaks, and instead of any (even scathing) criticism of my proposal, the thread just gets flooded with talks about App Stores and Jailbreaks. It's really a pity.

Couldn't we just focus on the technical side and discuss what might be issues when porting Minetest to iOS platforms? I mean, when someone takes the result and does something in violation with license terms with it, then he'll know he'll be risking legal troubles. But for everyone else, this would just be one more option to do something great with the Minetest platform.

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Re: iOS?

by sfan5 » Post

As someone who has ported Minetest to run on iOS the challenges are as follows:
  • same OS integration as on Android: asset extraction, text input, rendering setup
  • Fixing some bugs and missing features with Irrlicht's port
  • Getting all the libraries built
  • Integrating the entire source with Xcode (could probably be avoided)
The biggest non-technical issue here is ownership of an Apple computer.
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Re: iOS?

by sorcerykid » Post

Kudos to sfan5 for taking the time to document the technical difficulties with porting to iOS. That is extremely insightful.

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