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by mirko.ventulini » Sat May 20, 2017 09:56

Dear all,
I have copied animals_modpack-2.5.0 in minetest-0.4.15-win64 and I'm trying to modify some lines of mob deer.
When I kill him, nothing is left on field.
So I checked the function deer_m_drop() and I found a list of objects (randomly delivered, for example horns, bone.....) I removed the random but nothing. I added minetest log, but when the deer is killed, NO message appears.
I checked in local deer_m_prototype and inside the section "generic" there is the line kill_result=deer_m_drop,
so my quesiton, who is in charge to call it? where can I find the file to better analyze the problem.

Thanks in advance for all your support

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Re: kill_result

by srifqi » Sat May 20, 2017 10:03

You can try to reply to this thread and tell what's your problem.

Try to give more information like what is your aim, which part of the code exactly is changed, and what's the output of the debug.txt (some last lines should help).

Good luck!
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