Bones log and chat, separate toggles (need feedback for PR)

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Bones log and chat, separate toggles (need feedback for PR)

by poikilos » Thu Mar 15, 2018 15:14

I have been using this on my server and thought other people might want it (feedback is welcome), especially since it is optional.
The changes include two options (for minetest.conf) which can be enabled separately, or both can be enabled:
* `enable_bones_logging` (boolean, default false): When a player dies, the code logs a message regarding whether bones were dropped (or why they werent), and the location. The bones logging option could be helpful for similar reasons as existing log messages generated by minetest (forensics, debugging, etc). You may want to consider making this option on by default (true if the minetest.conf setting does not exist).
* `enable_bones_chat_msg` (boolean, default false): When a player dies, that player gets a chat message with the same information as above. The chat option has helped reduce support requests for me, but I can understand some server owners may not want it if they believe it detracts too much from immersion or from players learning minetest navigation skills. In my case, I want to encourage building (and reduce the fallout of gang/repeat killing), so if a player dies, I'd rather have them be able to find where they left off. Even just informing them of why their bones didn't drop helps reduce support requests since otherwise it can be perceived as a bug (or as though they failed to find them and should keep looking for something that doesn't exist).

Issue (feature request):
Pull Request:

If you have a GitHub account, I suggest commenting on the Issue link above. I am not sure how many people want this. The maintainers haven't expressed any opinion either way, so please provide feedback about whether you would find these options as useful as existing logging in minetest_game, such as to be part of minetest_game (bones mod).

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