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Server: A mismatched client tried to connect from ...

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 04:31
by Festus1965
A mismatched client tried to connect
as a MTS-5.0.0-version it blocks all old clients and copies based on 0.4.x.x,

and I understand that this happen very much when a server is place 1 (or until 3rd)


how can there be an login each minute to 5 just after restarted the server, only listed place 40 ??

Yes, even a try set the server favourite, but I cant believe that real living human gamer are try to login so often on an other protocol server what stops them getting in!
I checked for some days the IP - very often every day also same ones included.

robot, auto-login ... from "earning money" mt copies ?