Main Menu Sounds [main_menu.x.ogg]

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Main Menu Sounds [main_menu.x.ogg]

by jas » Post

Hello. I am enjoying placing a sound file (main_menu.ogg) inside minetest/sounds in order to hear it on the main menu. When viewing the verbose Minetest output, I noticed it was also looking for main_menu.0.ogg through main_menu.9.ogg, and immediately tried that out, only to find that the main menu loops only the single random file it chooses. So if I want to hear a different sound file, I have to restart Minetest.

My idea is to instead pick a random main_menu.x.ogg from the pool - such as Minetest itself does in-game - and so that I may split an amen breakbeat into ten parts! It would be grand!

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