Minetest Improvements.

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Minetest Improvements.

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I've noticed over time messing around in survival and general play that the game feels underwhelming when is comes to the gameplay side of things, such as movement, or just gravity and well the hand in game not properly showing the hand as the way the character would show while in third person, it's kinda annoying.

Yes, these aspects can be changed via the LUA API, but that is a bit limiting, and well, you can't mod every aspect of the gameplay but these things can be improved.

Everything below that are requested is to be implemented not as a mod but engine level.
- - - :And the feature requests are: - - -

- Options / Gameplay / Controls
Players coming from Minecraft would probably want it to feel more closely controlled, and no, I don't believe they should use another user's mod or game just to make it feel similar, I'd prefer it as a player and for the players to have an option in the engine for such things.

- Textures
The ability to change the model, size or rotate the textures of items / blocks or even use emissive textures would be a game changer in the Minetest community and I believe the it can be used to make really amazing things, and also for any confusion, I don't mean change the size or rotation to nodes / blocks I meant the item in hand but on the other sides of things, yes, emissive texturing should be done on both sides, hand and in game blocks.
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