[Game] Weird [0.3.0]

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Re: [Game] Weird [0.2.0]

by GJH105775 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 23:35

Great Idea. +1 I am going to try downloading it. I have been inactive here lately, and on many other forums. I have been active on quadcopterforum recently as I have been big into the RC hobby. The main thing Minecraft is missing is freedom, I admit I like to play mincraft a bit, but you just don't have the freedom to do such things like this.

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Weird 0.3.0 released!

by Wuzzy » Fri Feb 27, 2015 21:50

I have finally continued work on this subgame!
Many features have been added, a lot of stuff got reworked. I changed the mobs system, because it became a unmanagable mess. A lot of old mobs have been removed, I now plan to add many mobs on my own. I have added a few simple biomes, I certainly need to put much more love into this.

The download is in the first post, screenshots have also been updated.

Here is the changelog:

  • Added HUD bars
  • Added mana
  • Added Mirror of Returning
  • Add slime blocks
  • Add slime biomes
  • Add fur/bacon biome
  • Add bedrock mod [bedrock2]
  • Add customized sun and moon (squared orange shape) into mod, no texture pack needed anymore! (only for Minetest 0.4.12 or later)
  • Add Player Effects mod (only 1 effect actually used so far: frozen)

  • Completely reworked mobs: Removed all mobs mods, removed spawneggs mod, instead use Casimir's Mob API [mobapi] and define own mobs.
    • Add giant rats, agressive but slow mobs in cheese biomes
    • Add some slime mobs
    • 3 new mobs in the frost biome
    • Add spider
    • Some placeholder mobs from the Simple Mobs mod, they should be replaced or removed later
  • Serveral magical items now cost mana to be used
  • Updated point teleporter mod
  • Bacon blocks have new fleshy sound
  • Raw bacon blocks become cooced bakon blocks when they are near hot blocks (fire, lava, ...)
  • Nyan cat blocks have now custom sounds
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Upgrade to Ethereal 1.15
  • Modify Ethereal biomes
  • Fix TNT mod to prevent it from destroying bedrock
  • Cheese now uses its own mod and comes in 4 varieties: mould cheese, emmentaler, gorgonzola and bad cheese. (Only 2 types actually used so far)
  • Cheese biomes have gorgonzola (dark cheese) below surface
  • Some tweaks for the fireballs mod
  • Removed [intersecting] mod. It was a major slowdown on this mod; maybe I add this mod back in when I find a more efficient way.

This subgame has mostly only been tested on Minetest 0.4.11 for now.

I also slowly start to get a better idea of where this project it heading to, but still a lot stuff needs to be done to make Weird to an actual game. Weird is still a baby, playing in a sandbox, haha! ;-)
Maybe I will post more detailed plans later.

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Re: [Game] Weird [0.3.0]

by Anonymous_moose » Sun Jun 21, 2015 23:48

May I suggest that you use my noogberry mod in your subgame? Giant glowing berries are pretty weird.

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Re: [Game] Weird [0.3.0]

by Wuzzy » Mon Jun 22, 2015 16:10

I will think about it. It would be a nice and simple decoration; but I need to figure out how to integrate this into the existing biomes. I need to make much more work on biomes anyways. ;-)

Also, I also plan for this subgame to completely rework the way the player heals. Minetest Game's way of “eat food for instant health” makes it far too easy to survive. Probably I'll do something similar to the hunger mod and something with potions.

And anyone who is watching this: Don't worry, I still work on this subgame, it's just very slowly speed right now.

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Re: [Game] Weird [0.3.0]

by wilkgr76 » Fri May 06, 2016 01:08

Yep, looks weird. This is one of the very few times where it is meant as a compliment.


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