[Game] Build Your World [R2]

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[Game] Build Your World [R2]

by Thermal_Shock » Mon Mar 02, 2015 20:51

Build Your World is a simple barebones colour blocks game where players can grow their building blocks in order to shape the world around them.


Instead of mining your materials players essentially farm the basic building blocks they need to create more complex items.


Matter Collectors provide Matter Essence an essential ingredient in most crafting


Growblocks will spawn Base Blocks. The basic building block in the game. Growblocks need to be anchored to a block underneath to grow. Flipping the recipe upside down will create an upside down Growblock. Useful for allowing the player to begin building below the platform.


Colour Collectors gather light to give Colour Essence. Used to dye blocks.


Energy Collectors give Energy Essence. Combine Energy Essence with a block for a lighted block.



Semitransparent blocks bring a little colour to your world. But lack a little something to make it opaque.


Solid coloured blocks are likely to be your primary building material.


Four Piece Blocks allow for a little extra detail in building.


Black Boxes are your chests in this game.

Slabs, stairs and doors all follow the same recipes as standard in Minetest/Minecraft.


R2 Latest Release


Just drop the contents of the zip file into your Minetest games directory and you should be good to go.

License: Any code used from the Minetest game retains it's original CC BY-SA license. All other code and textures are WTFPL.
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Re: [Game] Build Your World [R1]

by Sokomine » Tue Mar 17, 2015 21:56

Might be intresting to play. I think the game would get most feedback if it where to run on a tiny server somewhere.
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Re: [Game] Build Your World [R1]

by matyilona » Thu Jun 25, 2015 16:59

I rellay like it, have been playing for hours. For bigger buildings and such, harvesting blocks is a bit slow, and getting all of the colors instead of just the ones you need is a bit annoying, because the others tend to pile up fast. To adress those two complaints, I written a small mod, that adds a block braker tool (made by shapeless craft from the six tertiery colored lighted blocks), for faster smashing, and a color copier(seven color collectors around an up and down growblock) for farming a specific color essence. The mod is here.

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Re: [Game] Build Your World [R1]

by ForbiddenJ » Sat Aug 19, 2017 23:50

I like this subgame. It gives you the feel of aloneness, and the feel of being the one that made the world in its beginning.

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Re: [Game] Build Your World [R1]

by TheGreatCoffeeKing99 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 13:17

It's a shame this game does not get more attention.
It is truly unique, a puts a new perspective on farming, building, and crafting.
It forces you to use your resources wisely and be patient.
Soon, you will have more than enough blocks, but they'll run out fast!
However, there seems to be no goal beyond building. If you were to make a server out of this,
then it would need to be modded, a lot.
But-- still fun. Awesome job, keep it up.

Oh, you have a problem with the whole "plug and play" thing.
You download a file called "games" in which is buildyourworld and a a file called "worlds".
Inside worlds is "World 1" and "World 2".
I suggest making the platform which you start on generated and only distribute the "buildyourworld"
Please fix that.
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Re: [Game] Build Your World [R2]

by Thermal_Shock » Mon Feb 12, 2018 14:41

I had set aside some time to add some stuff in order to make this a more fully fleshed out game. First release was a bit lacking in a few areas.

Added in R2

-Added support for the mapgens
-Added Creative Mode
-Added Smart Inventory by bell07
-Added Spawnbuilder by Wuzzy for skyblock support on singlenode mapgen
-Added sfinv
-Updated stairs and slabs
-Added listring support to Black Box
-Added lighted Four Blocks

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