[Game] Farlands [v1 - The Beginning]

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Re: [Game] Farlands [v1 - The Beginning]

by Fluffgar » Wed Apr 25, 2018 23:37

rubenwardy wrote:
Fluffgar wrote:What does this mean? Game crashed out with this and now does this whenever I load up that world again.

Please update to Minetest 0.4.16

I am using Minetest 0.4.16 already.

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Re: [Game] Farlands [v1 - The Beginning]

by Inocudom » Sun May 27, 2018 17:21

Code: Select all
2018-05-25 22:12:52: ERROR[Main]: ServerError: AsyncErr: Lua: finishGenOOM error from mod 'mapgen' in callback environment_OnGenerated(): not enough memory
2018-05-25 22:12:52: ERROR[Main]: Current Lua memory usage: 139 MB

I have 16 GB of RAM. How is that not enough?

Maybe Minetest 0.5.0 dev hates my computer? Maybe Farlands hates Minetest 0.5.0?

I am just posting this as a warning to other players.
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Re: [Game] Farlands [v1 - The Beginning]

by Astrobe » Sun May 27, 2018 19:39

"Warning".. Why? This happens to me even with MTG, in particular when I explore a world in fast-fly mode. Farlands isn't directly at fault here, it is a related to an internal 1GB limit:


AFAICT the crash is rare (actually,it usually happens just once to me, at the beginning of the game when the game has to generate mapblocks like crazy) and I haven't noticed any loss when it happens.

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Re: [Game] Farlands [v1 - The Beginning]

by D00Med » Sun May 27, 2018 20:47

It usually happens to me if I fly around a lot generation large areas of the map. So it's only really a problem when trying to find a particular biome :P


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