[Game/server] Minefall

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[Game/server] Minefall

by Astrobe » Thu Nov 01, 2018 16:59

Minefall is inspired from a defunct MMO game, Firefall

Players are surrounded by a self-replicating gas called the "Melding", which, in addition of being toxic, harbors unfriendly creatures. By killing them, players have a chance to get an egg for another creature, a "Shadow" that cleanse the melding in a wide area.

A feature of Minefall is energy-based gameplay: players have an energy pool (whose size and regeneration rate can be enhanced with armor/gear) that give them an energy shield and the ability to "levitate" (a zero-gravity state). Wands, which provide ranged damage or special abilities (like swapping places with a mob or a player) also use energy.

One goal of the game is to extend the livable, melding-free area to gain access to more resources. Minefall has many peculiarities: one cannot craft most of the blocks used for buildings (including glass), players have to get them from ruins spread around the world; precious ores like copper, gold or diamond are not found deeper in mines but either in deserts or at higher altitudes.

The game is not published yet due to a lot of mixing, matching and editing of existing mods, which require a check for license conformance - and also because it is a WIP. It is however playable on my server when it is up - generally on the evenings (UTC) and weekends.

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