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(WIP GAME) Legend Of The Impact Meteor

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 02:09
by Harvenator Creations
INFO: Once Upon A Time, Millions of Years Ago.. When only the Void Existed, A Non-Humanoid Creature Known as "Carniper" Who was the God of All Gods! There Were 4 Total Gods, 1. The Structure God, Known For Creating The Planets, The Beautiful Green Grass, The Smooth Feeling Flowers, The Rough Feel of Rocks, Everything you can Imagine! 2. The Sky God, Controls What the Sky Looks Like on Every single planet, Even Space's Galaxy sky! 3 Weather God. Controls What the Weather Should be, Either him or Carniper Can Choose when is the right time for the right Weather. 4. The Punish God, All we can Say About this one is..Don't do anything evil in this world, Else the Punisher Will Decide your fate...
These 5 Gods worked together to form the world, Though the Punish god Betrayed them and they decided to have war on the Earth, Now, You might think it was a easy win for 4 people against 1, Keep in Mind the Punish god has the ability to punish people at his own will, He made a Curse around the world, soon after, The 4 gods were Defeated and the Punish god Vanished from The world, Soon later, The 4 gods healed and noticed a big Iceball Coming Toward Earth, After Days, It Finally Entered the Earth's Atmosphere and The Front Starting Burning as it was Crashing Down, Soon, It Crashed Into a Random Spot in the Earth, Landing in the Winter Wonderland Location, Soon As the years go by, The Ice-Meteor Starts Decaying, After thousands of Years, The Meteor Was Broke Into Big Pieces of Ice Sculptures, The gods moved those sculptures into random places of the land, Soon then, Carniper Made the first human on earth a Female to reproduce and Increase the population of earth, Millions of Years go by leading to the current time, A Human With Light Magic Named Brandin (Aka me, also no Brandin is not my real name) he Encountered The Crater And told his town About it, Soon after the news spread, Monsters had Emerged from a steep Hole created by something that dug into the Meteor the Night millions of years ago that it crashed into the earth, making mobs climb up out to the Surface, and that, is where YOUR Story Begins, You have been Studying and Training Magic for years, You Aren't Perfect at it, but your Skills are good Enough to Fight Mobs, Though, Through the years, People's homes have been Broken, So it is Your Job to Do Quests, As in Killings Monsters, Or Helping People Rebuild their Houses by Collecting the Necessary Materials, But this Doesn't mean You'll go Alone! you Can Meet up with other Players to Form a Team, Squad, Partner Ship, Army, However many people you want with you, Or go alone.... What will you do? The Choice is up to you..

Re: (WIP GAME) Legend Of The Impact Meteor

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 02:11
by Harvenator Creations
Riverson Town So far

Re: (WIP GAME) Legend Of The Impact Meteor

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 03:49
by Harvenator Creations
These Are All The Planned Regions For The Map, Two Regions Includes Towns/Cities, One Region Includes Islands, And One Region Includes Forbidden/Secret Locations, These Are All The Regions,

Alokonian (Includes Cities/Towns
Heigeno (Includes Cities/Towns
Rolonico (Includes Islands)
Exrololigon (Includes Lost/Hidden Locations)

The Towns, Islands, and Locations, Are up to you to Explore!