My Old SkyFactory Project

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My Old SkyFactory Project

by RSLRedstonier » Post

Alright, so this is a little bit of a sad post, as it will probably be my last. I originally started working on this subgame as soon as I discovered how to code in mt(around 2016). It has been through many phases and has been rewritten countless times, but now I haven't done anything on mt for a long time. I figured I should just go ahead and post this so my years of work don't just get deleted with no outcome. This isn't perfect, isn't finished, but should help anyone who is also working on a sky factory-style subgame.

There are too many mods and to much stuff in this game for me to fully list them here, its very chaotic and not well organized. All credit to a mod goes to the original creators of the mods, although some mods were modified for the purpose of working together and to prevent conflicts.

Here is the pack, knock yourself out, and farewell to this great community.
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