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NodeCore Skyblock

by Kimapr » Wed Oct 23, 2019 02:04


NodeCore Skyblock is a skyblock game, based on NodeCore. If you don't know what NodeCore is:
  • It's a sandbox game for minetest.
  • All of crafting is done in node-space.
  • No pop-up GUIs, minimal HUD.
  • It has no forum topic.
  • You can download it here

Okay, the differences from NodeCore:
  • You spawn on an island in the sky*
  • There is a planted eggcorn in the middle**
  • Tree growth and composting rates are boosted 100x
  • Pumelling speed is boosted 3x
  • Sieves***
  • You can pummel gravel with pick, and it is replaced by sand and drops 2 stone chips.
  • You can melt cobble to get lava.
  • Lava and water sources now move like molten glass.

*Playable in multiplayer - every player has his/her/its own island.
**which you can use to get stone chips from dirt and humus and "Dust of random materials" (which you can hammer to randomly selected material) from sand and gravel, water from leaves.
*** If you screw it up, you're done and you can't play further


  • A reset command or button, too many ways to screw everything up.
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