[Game] 'minipeli', a game minimal requirements example

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[Game] 'minipeli', a game minimal requirements example

by paramat » Mon Feb 17, 2020 22:01


Download link https://github.com/paramat/minipeli/archive/master.zip
View code https://github.com/paramat/minipeli

Most of the contained mods are derived from Minetest Game mods. The rest are created by me.
Minetest Game forum thread https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?t=9724
Minetest Game repository https://github.com/minetest/minetest_game

The intention of Minipeli
The intention of this game is to provide one example of minimal requirements for a MT game.

There have been several requests in the forum for examples of minimal requirements, to help with creating new games.
Also, recently i have become increasingly interested in creating new games, and became interested in what the minimal requirements are, as well as what would be a good mod structure.

I write 'one example of minimal requirements' because minimal requirements vary according to what is supported and included.

I have orientated this game towards what seems the most common desired content:
* The 3D player model from Minetest Game.
* Support for all non-V6 mapgens, and their features such as dungeons, cave liquids and the sloping rivers of some mapgens.
* Loosely realistic Earth-type biomes that vary suitably with altitude, including dry land, sloping rivers with river water, beaches, seas, sandy seabed, water-flooded caves and magma deep underground.

How to use this game
To clarify, the intention here is to help others and myself create 'entirely new games' that make a clean and much needed break from 'Minetest Game based mods and games'. This is not a game base to add unaltered Minetest Game based mods to, most will not work and will need alteration.

The content of this game is meant to be altered and edited. The textures are simple because they will very probably be replaced. The registered biomes are only an example of one vertical 'biome stack' with a particular heat/humidity point, more biome stacks with differing heat/humidity points will very probably be desired.

Alternatively, this game can simply act as example reference material to help someone create a new game.

The rest of this post is the game README.txt file:

minipeli 0.2.4 by paramat.
A game for Minetest Engine 5.1.0 and later.
See each mod for mod-specific credits and licenses.

Authors of media
paramat (CC BY-SA 3.0):

About Minipeli
'Peli' is the Finnish word for 'game'.

This game is intended to be an example of minimal requirements for a Minetest Engine game, while still supporting all non-Mapgen V6 mapgens and providing a minimal number of biomes with appropriate vertical variation.
The intention is to help others and myself create completely new games.

This also suggests a good mod structure, as opposed to the problematic structure of the game called 'Minetest Game', which has most content in one large mod called 'default'. It is better to split content into many smaller mods.

Because creating animated meshes is difficult, the player model from Minetest Game is used, it seems suitable for many games.
The player API of Minetest Game is very useful and quite fundamental, so the 'player_api' mod from Minetest Game is included, but with new player textures.

The 'light' mod is only provided to illuminate caves and dungeons during testing.

Why Mapgen V6 is not supported

In the 'game.conf' file, mapgen v6 is set as a disallowed mapgen.
Mapgen V6 is very different to all the other mapgens, it has hardcoded biomes and does not use the Biome API. Due to this it makes game code far more complex and more difficult to maintain, the mapgen also misses many features.
I recommended that games do not support Mapgen V6 for these reasons.
This document is written assuming Mapgen V6 is not supported.

The mods and their functions

A mod from Minetest Game, mostly unmodified, but new player textures are used.
Provides an API to support multiple registered player models and to set the player model, player textures or a particular player animation.
Provides an animated player model and skin texture.
Sets suitable animations according to control inputs and player health.

Contains formspec and HUD related stuff:
Formspec background, hotbar background, bubble and heart textures.
Sets the formspec prepend.
Sets custom hotbar textures if code un-commented and textures added.

Contains the hand tool related stuff:
The wieldhand texture.
Registers the hand tool.

Contains textures and sounds that have no suitable location anywhere else:
The node-digging progress texture 'crack_anylength'.
The 'player_damage' sound.

Contains the mapgen related stuff:
Terrain, water, cave liquid and dungeon nodes, their textures and sounds.
Mapgen aliases to tell the engine mapgens which nodes to use.
Biome registrations for one vertical stack of biomes.

Only included to provide illumination for testing.
Gives 64 lights to a new player.

Mapgen aliases

Since MT 5.0.0 dungeon nodes and cave liquids are defined in biome definitions, so now only 3 mapgen aliases need to be registered: stone, water, river water.


This game registers a single 'biome stack': A set of vertically stacked biomes all with the same heat and humidity points.
A developed game would usually add extra biome stacks at differing heat and humidity points.

The 'grassland' biome stack in this game consists of:

Dry land of dirt with a grass surface layer.
Extends from beach top up to world top.
Any flooded caves contain water.

With the sand of beaches, lakebeds and seabeds.
Extends from beach top down to y = -127 to contain most sea depths.
Sand may occasionally appear in caves due to how mapgen works.
Any flooded caves contain water.

Meaning 'underground'.
Stone only, below most sea depths.
Extends from y = -128 down to y = -1023.
Any flooded caves contain water.

Meaning 'deep underground'.
Stone only.
Extends from y = -1024 down to world base.
The depth where magma appears, any flooded caves can contain water or magma.

How this game was created

Minetest Game mods used slightly modified:

'player_api' mod:
Use new player textures, update credits and licence.
Delete unnecessary mod.conf file.

Minetest Game mods used heavily modified:

'default' mod:
The minipeli 'gui', 'hand' and 'media' mods are derived from it.

'gui' mod contains:
minetest.register_on_joinplayer to set the formspec prepend. The custom hotbar texture code is commented-out. Also use a temporary fix for minetest.get_player_information occasionally being 'nil'.

'hand' mod contains:
minetest.register_item to register the hand tool.

'media' mod contains:
Required but empty.
(196.87 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: [Game] minipeli

by twoelk » Tue Feb 18, 2020 19:45

uhm, very basic :o

seems all my flora and fauna mods I have installed depend on default in some way or other
I don't quite understand the need for the own character texture though.

oops, some of my own mods have dependencies I hadn't noticed before
interesting indeed

so this is not about collecting some other people's mods and calling it "the game I made"
this is really a basis you would have to actually add own creative work to get a game.

just to push future users of this basis into the right direction maybe adding a basic ingame help/information system right from the start might be an idea

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Re: [Game] minipeli

by paramat » Wed Feb 19, 2020 03:08

EDIT: Sorry, i think i misunderstood what you meant. But anyway, i prefer to not add an in-game help/information system.
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Re: [Game] minipeli

by Linuxdirk » Wed Feb 19, 2020 07:58

So you unpublish the Mount Meru mod because of this? :(

Good concept, though.
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Re: [Game] minipeli

by firefox » Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:51

great! exactly what i needed (i guess)
building inspiration: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15550 --- my game: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=15860 --- =(^.^)= nyan~

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Re: [Game] 'minipeli', a game minimal requirements example

by paramat » Tue Feb 25, 2020 23:49

I have added new text to the first post to clarify some stuff. See the sections titled 'The intention of Minipeli' and 'How to use this game'.

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