Epic [epic][Updated 9/12/20]

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Epic [epic][Updated 9/12/20]

by Nathan.S » Post

Epic is a game that focuses on a fantasy/medieval time period, limited automation, and more realism. Most notable are the stations which are needed to craft many items. Eventually all the textures will be 32px, right now it's a mix between 16px and 32px.

There is plenty of custom content that I have created solely for this game. It's been running as a server since early 2020 and is regularly updated.

Some of the mods include:
3d_armor*, awards, bakedclay, bonemeal, castle_farming/gates/lighting/masonry/weapons, cloudands, commoditymarket, darkage, drawers, earthbuild, hangglider*, hbhunger, hot_air_ballons, ingots*, lumberjack, mobs*, moon_phase, morelights, nether, other_worlds, pkarks, toolranks, wielded_light, xdecor.
* indicates mods have been heavily altered and may not be compatible with other mods that depend on them.

Custom mods you won't find elsewhere:
epic, A messy jumble of all sorts of added nodes and items.
letters, wallmounted signs with alphanumeric characters for making signs.
maxhp, lets you increase your maximum HP by eating and drinking different foods/potions.
shapes, a few different basic shapes for building/decorative uses.
stations, numerous machines for crafting different items, and processing items.
sounds, addes environmental sounds based on biomes.

This game is largely based on Minetest_game, but several mods from MTG have been modified so not all mods may be compatible, specifically anything depending on dye or wool will probably have broken textures.

Licensing information varies depending on mod, but every mod contains a license.txt file.
Code repository: https://notabug.org/NathanS21/Epic
Download: https://notabug.org/NathanS21/Epic/archive/master.zip
ContentDB: coming soonish.
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