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[Game] RealMoon Beta

by carlos_rupp » Post

Hi, my first time making a Minetest game and creating a topic here.


Minetest game: Simulation of a moon colony.

You are selected to be one of the first settlers in a Moon colony and have the mission of survive in this new world. The habitats are ready to use and you (supposed to) have the tools that you need. You start at the top of the Shackleton crater in the Moon’s South Pole. Good Luck!

Focus: Single player simulation, LAN multiplayer.
+ Spoiler

Use the air pump to eliminate the vacuum inside a building.
Use the air compressor to recharge the air tanks.
Soil become gravel in contact with vacuum.


Just download e extract the zip file in the /games/ directory of the Minetest.
Tests made only in the 5.3.0 Minetest version.

Thanks to:

Minetest creators
Alexander R. Pruss for the mapgen
HoerMirAuf for fix idea for the Moon mapgen
and all used mods collaborators

Repository: https://github.com/FreeLANMan/RealMoon
ZIP file: https://github.com/FreeLANMan/RealMoon/archive/main.zip
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n5Qk3f ... sp=sharing

Any feedback are welcome.

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