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[Game] Minebase [minebase]

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Minebase is a game for the Minetest Engine. It is a fork of Minetest Game and
thus shares many features with it, but much of the code was refactored to
address the discontent with it. This implies that many mods made for Minetest
Game won't work in this game. You have to check the dependencies of the mods to
be sure. If a mod depends on default or another mod that has been removed or
changed significantly, you will get error messages.
Similar to Minetest Game, this game is a base for modding, mods like
"More Trees" or "Minetest Game Plus" are not going to be added. In contrast to
the development of Minetest Game, I am willing to add mods with new features,
if the community wants them to be added. After all, you are able to remove and
replace mods.
Regarding mods, quality is more important than quantity. In case you like to mod
and want to contribute to this project, use the appropriate tools on Gitlab.

The API is mostly stable, but I am refining the code right now.


Unzip the archive, rename the folder to minebase and place it in a games folder.
A more extensive explanation can be found [here](https://wiki.minetest.net/Games#Installing_games).

The Minetest engine can be found at [GitHub](https://github.com/minetest/minetest).

It is possible to convert a Minetest Game world to a Minebase world, but I
didn't write a script to convert a Minebase world back. That is the reason why
you should create a backup before converting your world. Keep in mind that some
mods made for Minetest Game, won't run with Minebase.
This game does not support v6.
legacy.lua was dropped.
TNT was removed because I want the theme of this game to be more medieval.

Every user with at least ten Posts is allowed to vote once for every mod. This
means you should only vote for those mods you want to be included. I am going
to keep track of the votes in "minebase/misc/poll.csv". In order to vote use +
followed by the mod name. You can vote for unlisted mods.
+ Modname

I am going to add votes from every reply once and they are final. If you edit
the reply afterwards, I am not going to change the recorded votes. I also
won't change them on request. You are able to vote for different mods in
different replies.
These rules are important because they make it easy to organize this long-term

Not every vote counts the same in this poll. The significance of your vote
depends on the amount of posts you have created at the time I record it. The
following assignments show the thresholds.

Posts → Significance
10 → 1
100 → 2
1000 → 3
10000 → 4
100000 → 5

The amount of posts represent the time you have spent talking about Minetest.
I want those who have been around longer and saw the development of Minetest
to have more influence on the outcome.

In case you want to contribute to this game, the code should be structured
similar to the modpacks already included. The modpack should at least
consist of two mods, one that provides an API and a second mod using it.
Registry functions that directly or indirectly rely on one of the
minetest.register_\* functions, should expect two arguments, the name and a
definition as a table.
If you spot bugs or want to improve the code otherwise, feel free to open
Game: Minebase | Mod: Cursor

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