[Game] Minetest NeXt

Games that have been abandoned and no longer work properly with the latest version of Minetest.
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Re: [Game] Minetest NeXt

by kaadmy » Post

@BlockMen would it be a good idea to add @sofar's textures? I'm not sure if he's released them yet, but some previews he had of them on IRC were great. Maybe Minetest NeXt could just get a new texture pack? I think the devs didn't want to use sofar's textures in minetest_game because it wasn't a "community" pack.

@sofar If you see this thread, would you mind getting your textures in Minetest NeXt?
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Re: [Game] Minetest NeXt

by philipbenr » Post

Good bye Blockmen. I wish you were still here developing this...

Should a mod move this to old subgames?

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