[ClientMod] Automatically take screenshots [record]

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Re: [ClientMod] Automatically take screenshots [record]

by Linuxdirk » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:31

muhdnurhidayat wrote:OBS is indeed very useful for recording and especially for streaming, I could put almost anything I want into it, including dynamic text files.

Yep, it is awesome. Just create scenes and you can switch them while recording. Super handy (hint: add a "dummy scene" where you add your webcam and OpenGL recordings and stuff and simply re-use them on your actual scenes so you can add the webcam on different scenes at the same time or alter the volume there and it is applied to all scenes at the same time - oh I love this tool.)

You can even record multiple audio tracks at once (for ingame sound, for music, for desktop sound, for commentary) and mix them as wanted or extract them later from the recording to process each of them on their own.

In the settings you can define the frame rate. Simply set to whatever fits your timelapse needs and then in post-processing speed up to 30 or 60 FPS.


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