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mob mod

by Doomspade » Wed Jan 17, 2018 21:42

I am having problems getting quality mobs in my server. I had both animal mobs and mobs redo in the game and decided to take out the animal mobs because I thought there could be a conflict between the two mods. Now, I don't see any mobs at all. I am super confused and I was wondering if anyone had experience with how to get mobs working in a server. BTW I am also running the ethereal mod.

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Re: mob mod

by dawgdoc » Thu Jan 18, 2018 06:44

If by "animals mobs" you are referring to mobs_animal found in the same thread as mobs_redo, it is what provides the animals to TenPlus1's mob api, that is mobs_redo. In otherwords it, mobs_animal, is necessary to have the animals in worlds using mobs_redo.

Of course you could have been referring to Animals Modpack by Sapier which provides its own animals. I haven't used it, so I don't know if it conflicts with mobs_redo.

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Re: mob mod

by parasite » Sat Jan 20, 2018 16:21


(you posted that question in almost all possible forums and threads).

I have the impression that you do not experience any bugs with minetest, you just have problem with useing minetest or installing mods.

1) Mods are just a set of files. When hosted at, in most cases are hosted under the "master branch" namespace/directory. That means if you want to download it to your desktop, will put those files into a single zip file with a "" at the end of its name. For example: "". But after you downloaded this file from the internet, you must get rid of this "-master". In your minetest mod directory you should have "mobs_redo" but not "mobs_redo-master" folder.

2). Mobs redo is not a single mod. This is a modular mods system, something like tenplus1-mobs-universum. It consists of two kinds of mods: (a) an engine, a mod that do not add any mobs but is mandatory, and (b) mods containing mobs, which you can choose what you want to install. The engine is "mobs_redo" mod, you need to install it first. You need to have it in your mods drectory to be able to install secondary mods which adds mobs (I mean mobs from tenplus1-mobs-universum) to your game, like "mobs_animal", "mob_horse", zombies, ghosts and so on. So at least you need to have two mods: "mobs_redo" and for example "mob_horse".

3). tenplus1-mobs-universum is one thing and all other mobs systems made by someone else is another thing. They can be incompatible. And what is more important, mobs do not spawn just like that around you, they need a proper ground and light. Some mobs spawn only in dark, other only on stones, not grass. Instead of installing all the possible mods, install one but in correct way and play a little bit to see how it works. Minetest is not so "user friendly" like some other apps, but it not need too much time to learn how it works. I hope you will soon have all the knowledge to configure your gameplay with mods (and mobs) you like.

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