Minetest for Android broken build???

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Minetest for Android broken build???

by 100Toby1 » Post

Hey guys, I was a noob with Minetest, and I found an app on the app store called "Multicraft Beta Elite", and I got it. I found out that it's a cracked version of minetest, and it had a shitty looking faithful minecraft texture pack, and the creative menu was all broken. I got rid of it and got real minetest, but it kept the Multicraft files!!! Please help me, I need to know how to delete the old files, because I want the minetest texturepack and creative menu. Thanks... bai.

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Re: Minetest for Android broken build???

by srifqi » Post

Minetest engine Android build has a directory for placing files, i.e. games, mods, textures, inside external storage called "Minetest". Maybe it also uses folder structure like that.
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Re: Minetest for Android broken build???

by trev » Post

Hello. I see that this is an old topic, but I believe I know the fix. Use a file manager on your device or a computer that can access the devices's SD card, if it has one, or the "Internal Storage". In SD card or Device, you should find a folder called Minetest. Just delete the entire folder. Your worlds from the cracked game WILL BE DELETED, so if you care, back them up. The worlds are in the worlds folder, inside the Minetest folder:

- + Device
- + Minetest
- + worlds (Worlds from knockoff game are here. They may or may not work, depending on the mods that the knockoff used.)
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