active block modifiers took 1015ms (longer than 200ms)

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Re: active block modifiers took 1015ms (longer than 200ms)

by bosapara » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:20

I had similar warning, found how to solve from this topic
About 3 days i seen warning every 2 secs: active block modifiers took
Problem was in tree mod, that used abm. Mod deleted, now nothing warnings.
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   nodenames = {"mochathicket:beech_sapling"},
   interval = 10,
   chance = 50,
   action = function(pos, node)
      local is_soil = minetest.registered_nodes[minetest.get_node({x=pos.x, y=pos.y-1, z=pos.z}).name].groups.soil
      if is_soil == nil or is_soil == 0 then return end
      print("A mocha blossom sapling grows into a tree at "..minetest.pos_to_string(pos))
      local vm = minetest.get_voxel_manip()
      local minp, maxp = vm:read_from_map({x=pos.x-16, y=pos.y, z=pos.z-16}, {x=pos.x+16, y=pos.y+16, z=pos.z+16})
      local a = VoxelArea:new{MinEdge=minp, MaxEdge=maxp}
      local data = vm:get_data()
      default.grow_tree(data, a, pos, math.random(1, 4) == 1, math.random(1,100000))

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Re: active block modifiers took 1015ms (longer than 200ms)

by Starbeamrainbowlabs » Sat Sep 22, 2018 21:30

Yeah, I faced similar sorts of issues. Disabling the spawning of roots from the vines mod in particular solved the problem for me - the /profiler command was very helpful in tracking that one down.

If you face performance issues when doing map generation, adding more emerge threads might help. It's the num_emerge_threads setting in minetest.conf - I've set it to 4 - the number of CPU cores I have.


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