4.14 Server Lag

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4.14 Server Lag

by maikerumine » Post


I was wondering if any of you have had major lag hosting a server on 4.14 yet?

I have two servers that were running great, topped out daily with 25-30ppl and only had a bit of lag. This was sfans latest build of 4.13.. no worries, also I was running 32bit.

So I did what I ALWAYS do when updating:
1. copy all the pertinent stuff like game, world, and conf files over to the new server.
2. run a test run as to unblock from firewall and full cache.
3. set it and forget it.

I have never had such extreme cases of lag, I even did tests with some laggy mods removed, yet still unplayable.
What changed in 4.14 that causes so much trouble as to running a server?
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Re: 4.14 Server Lag

by burli » Post

I have massive lags with single player. Killing mobs sometimes is nearly impossible. I punched a spider once in creative mode and it took about 10 seconds until the spider was dead. I though first that it is the fun_caves mod. But now I'm not sure

I try the mod later with 4.13

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Re: 4.14 Server Lag

by Krock » Post

Why didn't you just backup and delete/replace the "bin" and "builtin" directories? This would save you some time in copying the stuff.

Check the task manager - perhaps there's an antivirus that doesn't like the new Minetest binaries.
If adding an exception to the antivirus didn't help, try my 32-bit stable build (works for sqlite3 maps only)
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Re: 4.14 Server Lag

by Tmanyo » Post

I did notice lag issues with 0.4.14. I am keeping my server at 0.4.13 for a while.
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Re: 4.14 Server Lag

by snowflake » Post

i noticed lag in minetest 0.4.14 but it got some features .. thats why i am using it

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