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Android Build Not Connecting to Multiplayer Servers

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 15:33
by TheReaperKing
Hopefully this is a known bug the version of minetest in the google store cannot connect to multiplayer servers, it crashes midway through. I used the one by nrz, going to test the one by freeminer.

Hmm I reinstalled it because when I loaded it again for testing (nrz) all the symbols were screwed up, reinstalled it and now it connects it seems. Not sure how to delete my post.

Update - I found out how to find the error logs! Looks like the problem is that it doesn't save the player name in the field so when I'd connect I'd have no player name, whoops. fminetest worked well for a bit but did crash when I was in a server for a bit, haven't looked at the log yet.