Sun shadow

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Sun shadow

by cosarara97 » Post

It's just me or in this game the sun projects a shadow? lol
Offtopic: Is "to project a shadow" the normal way of saying this or it sounds very strange?

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by Calinou » Post

Ocasionally, map generation f***s up and create terrain very high in the sky, resulting in shadows.

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by cisoun » Post

Yeah, how high are those floating chunks of blocks? I've never found them.
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by blue » Post

cisoun wrote:Yeah, how high are those floating chunks of blocks? I've never found them.
me too i went looking for one and stopped when i couldnt see the floor anymore...felt like i was moving at all and that i possibly already passed up the floating islands lol
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by MilanFIN » Post

For me the blocks appeared on my server in my house at +40 blocks and me and my friends found them in the sky in about 250 blocks height off the ground!

This needs to be fixed until the stable 0.4! in my opininion...
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