Client crashes when connecting to some servers (0.5.0-dev)

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Client crashes when connecting to some servers (0.5.0-dev)

by zoltar32 » Fri Jan 26, 2018 04:36

Whenever i try to play on some servers (many of them but not all), my client crashes just after connecting. My character spawns for a couple seconds then the game window closes.
Some servers are unaffected so it may be a mod issue.
I've been using minetest 0.5.0-dev for a while without problem, the crashes started to occure a few days ago (a week tops). I tried to delete ~/.minetest directory and reinstall minetest to no avail.

Version : 0.5.0-dev
O.S. : Ubuntu 17.10 (Xfce)
Hardware : intel core2quad, Nvidia gt730

+ debug.txt

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Re: Client crashes when connecting to some servers (0.5.0-de

by Fixer » Tue Jan 30, 2018 18:15

0.5.0-dev is kinda unstable, try updating to newest git and connect to those servers again, also, please name those server so others can check.

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