Corner stairs - recommend mod or help fix stairsplus2

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Corner stairs - recommend mod or help fix stairsplus2

by scooterx3 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 22:40

Hi, I just hopped on the bandwagon, want to get this going nicely so I can get my kids to play and my brother and sister as well.

I've installed several mods thus far and understand the process. I've installed stairsplus2 from this post viewtopic.php?id=6140 but I can't actually spawn any of its stuff without it throwing out one of those "unknown object" icons and an error. I just removed texture packs and other mods from the particular game/map I was testing on but still the problem manifests itself. I'm not sure if there's something special I have to do or what. Specifically it says 'LuaEntity name "stairsplus:corner_wood_outer" not defined' (where stairsplus is the name of the folder it resides in and that's the exact string that shows up as the node name when I run the `/listitems` command).

So I'm looking to either find another mod that *does* provide corner stairs somehow (I really liked the stairpick option but it doesn't do corners), or some help in fixing this one, if anybody knows something simple I can do.

I'm on Linux, Fedora 27, I've installed the mods under '~/.minetest/mods/'. All other mods work fine this way, save this stairsplus2 one. Thanks!

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Re: Corner stairs - recommend mod or help fix stairsplus2

by PEAK » Mon Feb 19, 2018 18:56

Three suggestions:

I don’t know stairsplus2 -- but I can recommend one of my favorite mods: stairsio.

moreblocks also has inner and outer corners. The placing is a little bit different to 1.)

Though there is a new version of the stairs mod of minetest game which makes this obsolete: ... ods/stairs -- inner and outer corners are supported.
You can install this particular mod as any other mod and it overrides the default stairs.

I don’t know if there is a mod that places the corner stairs automatically like in minecraft.
I am okay with using the screenshots in all my posts for the website of Minetest (

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