Mod Images not Loading

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Mod Images not Loading

by csirolli » Thu May 17, 2018 18:43

I am creating a mod that adds a bunch of metals. I have a separate mod that contains a function for adding metals, rocks, and minerals (the rocks and minerals functions will be used in yet to be made mods). The metal mod is called "metals" and the other mod is called "geology_functions". The metals mod depends on the geology_functions mod. The function for registering metals also handles applying images. It is supposed to use the images included in the mod that is using the function.

The issue I am having is that the images are not loading, causing MineTest to generate dummy images instead. With most of the metals, this action is understandable, since I have yet to add images for them. But the rest that I do have images for, it doesn't show the images. I have checked the image path and name it is looking for and it is correct and should be getting the images.

First I thought that it is looking for images in the geology_functions mod, so I made it get the modpath of the mod using the function and find the images there. Still no luck. As far as I can tell, the paths of the images and the paths it is looking for are identical. Any idea why it isn't getting the images? Perhaps I am misunderstanding how something works, which is leading to this issue. I don't know if this is the issue, but the images are organized by metal name in folders named after the metal. And I made sure that it is looking in those folders.
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Re: Mod Images not Loading

by Krock » Thu May 17, 2018 19:05

A code snippet would be helpful to see what went wrong. However, I will try to mention a few possible issues and the solution for them.

1) Correct the file names. If there's the texture " my_mod/textures/my_amazing_node1.png " then the code should contain something like " tiles = { "my_amazing_node1.png" } ".
2) Change the filename to all lowercase. Also adjust the node (metal) definition accordingly.

All media (textures, sounds, models and client-side translations) are thrown into one large pot of media cache, thus you won't have to depend on other mods if you only need (for example) a few textures. But ensure that all required mods are enabled, otherwise the media won't be loaded or sent to the client.
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