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Cant Move/Walk only fly up

PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 09:43
by jeromy

after some weeks in creative mode my avatar stucks.
Moving (WASD) has no effect, in third person view I see how my avatar walks on place.
I have removed allready some blocks around me. But I only can fly up (grant singleplayer fly) and - of course - fall down again. Also I cant move in fly mode (if I'm in the sky I cannot move fore- or backwards neither do sidesteps). If I double hit my spacebar-key - to enter flymode - I will fly up until I break it again (double spacebar)

I started a new world - there is not such a problem.

Thank you for your support

Re: Cant Move/Walk only fly up

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 05:28
by ChimneySwift
Is it possible this was a corrupted player file?

Try checking the "host server", creating a different account and see if it fixes it, if it does, you can delete your old player account's files (losing everything in your inventory) or see if you can find the issue in the file, comparing it to a working player file.