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by hewimp » Post

so deleted World now the Mod Disables itself every time i Enable it turns back from green.
Had Globeminner Deleted it installed Minetest Downloaded mods put them into mod folder renamed them took few tries got it to work got Error invalid password Deleted the world now i can not seem to get it to work again .

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Re: Bags

by yw05 » Post

I can't understand what you wrote very well, but I think this is what happened: you installed MT, put the mods into the /mods directory with the correct filename, and then you got the error "Invalid password", right?
A few things:
1. Make sure it's singleplayer. If you start the game in multiplayer then you do get such error.
2. Make sure the mod is named properly i.e. advtrains instead of minetest-advtrains.
3. What is Globeminer? A MT fork? If yes, then make sure the mods are for Minetest. MC mods don't work.
4. What mod(s) are you using?
5. Please do not post your email address. Instead of getting replies via email you might be more likely getting spammed with mail.

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