Mod-Interface problem

Fred Brighton
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Mod-Interface problem

by Fred Brighton » Tue Sep 03, 2019 13:28

This is a problem which started when I added a mod which had dependencies I was unable to provide, I could not find them for some reason. After enabling some mods and having the game crash I discovered that much of my world had "unknown nodes" all over the place and I have been unenabling and reenabling my mod packages trying to get back to square one but for some reason I cannot figure out which mods I had in the original set up. What I have now give 52 pages of objects and has a limited interface. What I used to have had many more objects and had the world edit features as well as the ability to click on a sun symbol to "sleep" without needing to have a bed around. This was very handy. I thought it might be Dreambuilder or Home Decor, but so far nothing seems to have this interface. It's a basic question, I know, but I'd like to have my worlds back with all their previous features intact, especially the interface. It would be swell if a description of a mod contained more information as to how it looks when enabled. If you recognize the description of what I am trying to get back I would greatly appreciate it. I am a retired old guy who likes building cities and such, flying from place to place. I have made cities dedicated to my son who died in 2013 and now when I boot them up I see nothing but "unknown nodes" all over the place. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Mod-Interface problem

by shivajiva » Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:36

Sounds like Unified Inventory mod was present originally, if you right click a node the console will spam the missing item so you can quickly find the mods that are missing.

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