problems with levitating mobs

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problems with levitating mobs

by the_bilbo » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:56

Hey there,
I work since a while with Minetest, but I am new here in the Forum.
So nice greetings to everyone from Germany :)

AT the moment I set up a world for my son, and if its work stable I plan to open it for the childs in the neighborehood. Now my problem:
In some cases the MOB mods won't work correctly, they levitate 1 node above the surface. For example, the villageres mod related to the village mod works fine, but the traders (coming directly from the village mod) are standing in the air. Aliveai and mobs npc (based on mobs redo) works even fine, but the mobs from advanced npc just levitate around the world. The outlining box of the mobs were displayed correctly. I had tried to change the code by subtract 1 from the y-axis in the related mods, without an effect. Maybe it was the wrong position in the code, or it is much more complex as I assumed. Or am I blind and it is just a problem in the settings and I am to stupid therefore?

I use Minetest 5.0.1 and the newest versions of the mods.

Sorry, about my english it is a little bit rusty. But I hope it is understandable...

Thanks for your answer,

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Re: problems with levitating mobs

by Festus1965 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:46

check at mod monsters for a version that is for 5.x as then level is same as server 5.x ...i guess
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Re: problems with levitating mobs

by Krock » Tue Nov 05, 2019 18:09

Change the line as follows:
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-      collisionbox = {-0.30,-1.0,-0.30, 0.30,0.8,0.30},
+      collisionbox = {-0.30, 0  ,-0.30, 0.30,1.8,0.30},

About advanced_npc I am not sure, although you could try to change the following line:
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-         ent.collisionbox = {-0.10,-0.50,-0.10, 0.10,0.40,0.10}
+         ent.collisionbox = {-0.10, 0.50,-0.10, 0.10,1.40,0.10}

EDIT: The background story is that the model changed in the long development phase of 0.5.0-dev, which later became 5.0.0-dev. Some mods are up to date, others unmaintained and thus, suffer from this issue.
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