can't list worlds

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can't list worlds

by yushang » Wed Jan 08, 2020 18:18

Hi dear all,
I'm trying to list all worlds with following commands
set MINETEST_WORLD_PATH=D:\minetest\minetest-5.1.0-win64\worlds
minetest --worldlist name
nothing output , I'm sure there are worlds in path D:\minetest\minetest-5.1.0-win64\worlds
what's wrong with this ? many thanks!!!

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Re: can't list worlds

by GayJesus » Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:06

I'm on linux but the default worlds folder for me is hidden.

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Re: can't list worlds

by twoelk » Sun Jan 12, 2020 07:27

indeed the command seems not to work in recent versions the way I would have expected, might be a bug. Other commands seem to have similar issues.

but being on windows
you could use a simple dos command such as
Code: Select all

where dir lists the content of a directory,
where /b strips the table entries to just the name,
where /o sorts the entries alphanumeric with numbers first and
where /ad filters to show the directories only instead of also listing the files

you could redirect the results into a file like such
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dir/b/o/ad >>myworlds.txt

you could put the code into a batch file within the worlds folder or specify a fixed path so the batch file works from anywhere on your system
Code: Select all
dir D:\minetest\minetest-5.1.0-win64\worlds /b/o/ad >>myworlds.txt

you could open notepad to inspect the results from within the batchfile
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@echo off
dir/b/o/ad >>myworlds.txt
echo this window closes when you close notepad
notepad myworlds.txt

else in the worlds: section of the file menu_lua_api.txt in your local minetest doc directory there is mentioned the call:
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core.get_worlds() -> list of worlds
if you intend to work from within minetest

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