Chromebook full keyboard and mouse support

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Chromebook full keyboard and mouse support

by SuperSheep » Post


I use Minetest as an educational tool. Kids learn geometry and a range of other things. We used to use windows for our lessons, but since this year we have chromebooks. I installed the android version of Minetest on the chromebooks. Only thing is that not all the keys on the keyboard works. The inventory key(i) and jump (spacebar) works but the WASD key does not. The mouse doesn't work also. Is there a way that the keyboard and mouse on the chromebook is supported. When I set the WASD keys in the settings menu, they work. but only in the settingsmenu. Mouse works in menu and inventory also.

It's a big deal for me that Minetest works on the chromebook with full mouse and keyboard support. We use 80+ chromebooks for our students. And now we can't use this beautiful application.

Please help!

with regards,

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Re: Chromebook full keyboard and mouse support

by usename » Post

What version are you using? If it is 5.0.0 then it probably related to this android bug.
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Re: Chromebook full keyboard and mouse support

by micheal65536 » Post

The Minetest package from the Ubuntu 16.04 PPA seems to work on Chromebooks (this one offers the latest Minetest version at the time of writing - 18.04 may also work if 16.04 gets dropped). Of course, this only works on x86-based Chromebooks and Linux application support might be disabled by an enterprise policy.

PPA link:

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Re: Chromebook full keyboard and mouse support

by mcgt » Post

Hey folks,

I'm also a teacher using Minetest. I had been using it within my school in a lab of Mac desktops...but now we are COVID closed. Most of my kiddos are being supplied with a Chromebook and I'd like to see if it might be possible to offer some of that work at home.

Does anyone have specific directions for installing Minetest to a Chromebook? Any tips? Chromebook requirements?

Are you able to modify that MT version before install? (I typically block access to public servers to prevent distraction.)

If you have had success, how are you hosting the server? (I always did locally in lab). I'm sorry, but I'll need specific details. Please re-direct me if this isn't the right forum to ask.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Chromebook full keyboard and mouse support

by dawgdoc » Post

Making an educated guess that you will need to use the Android version of Minetest with a Chromebook. Aren't the C'books apps are either cloud based or obtained from the Google Play Store.
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