Crafting recipes and aliases

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Crafting recipes and aliases

by zeuner » Post

I noticed some weird issue with item names in aliases and crafting recipes:

Mod 1 registers "default:sign_wall_wood" with a crafting recipe and defines aliases "default:sign_wall" and "sign_wall" for it.

Mod 2 "redefines" the crafting recipe for "default:sign_wall" with the same ingredients as the former "default:sign_wall_wood" recipe.

Mod 3 uses "default:sign_wall" in a recipe as an ingredient.

Now, for some reason the recipe in mod 3 does not recognize "default:sign_wall_wood" as an ingredient, so the recipe can't be crafted, even though it should be aliased to "default:sign_wall".

What can be done to do this right?

As the aliases are meant for backwards compatibility, it might be best to update all the mods to refer to the item as "default:sign_wall_wood", is this correct?

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Re: Crafting recipes and aliases

by Sokomine » Post

Perhaps it might help to let one mod soft-depend on another so that the order in which they do their changes is defined.
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