A bug in movement_acceleration_default

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A bug in movement_acceleration_default

by voxelproof » Post

The setting movement_acceleration_default doesn't seem to do anything with greater than zero values and when it is set to 0 (or less, which is somewhat peculiar to be able to do so) it causes permanent forward movement of a player's character after a jump when the forward key was kept pressed while the avatar touched the ground after the jump, without possibility to change direction of the movement other than through performing other jumps; moreover, stopping such hyperactive walker isn't that easy, especially when keys for speedrun or autoforward were used (in such cases fast movement also persists and the only chance to stop it is by performing sometimes several jumps with combination of movement direction keys). It's clearly a serious bug, and therefore the physics in MTG seems to be substancially flawed.

A similar problem seems to affect movement_acceleration_air setting (and yes, it can also be set to negative values).
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