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Server not available via domain name

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 09:52
by Grogak

I've a strange problem. Some of my users can connect to my server via the domain name (mostly Mac users) while most of the players (Windows users) have to type in the IP address to connect to it.

Had someone a similar error? And how may I be able to fix this?

Some infos about my server and config:
I have a static IP address and a domain name. Firewall is configurated to allow connections to the minetest port.
Domain name works (Webserver can be accessed over the domain name).
I've set up the config file (hopefully) the correct way (Server -name, -description, -address, port and bind_address)

And I also noticed the following:
If I set server_announce to True with the serverlist_url set to "" and restart the server, the server won't be displayed in my client's server list.