(Paleotest mod) Brachiosaurus texture trouble

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(Paleotest mod) Brachiosaurus texture trouble

by BrandNewPlayer » Post

I'm using the paleotest mod (depends of: stairs, walls, mob_core and mobkit). Why is my brachiosaurus white? When I use the brachiosaurus spawning egg, it sometimes happens. The egg can summon a female, male or child brachiosaurus, but some of them come entirely white, like this:


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Re: (Paleotest mod) Brachiosaurus texture trouble

by philipbenr » Post

Without having looked at the code, it looks like a problem with a texture path or something of that sort being incorrect.

If you get no help in this thread, I suggest making a reply in the mod's thread, and the author might be able to help you, as they probably know the in's and out's of the mod better than anyone: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=22253

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