3D Furniture

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3D Furniture

by RockerGirl4Eva » Wed Oct 10, 2012 23:36


I'm trying to download the 3D Furniture....I download it and extract the file to the right place but when I go to open the game after putting this mod on it says 'failed to load and run' I've renamed the mod to '3D Furniture' and '3dforniture' but they wont work...is there a certain name I need to rename the file as?

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by Topywo » Wed Oct 10, 2012 23:56

try this download (from http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2121 ):


(I copied some text I wrote earlier :-) ):

If you still have trouble, exit minetest completely, go to your home folder/directory, delete the debug.txt file, start minetest up again. Try to create/start a game, leave minetest again, go to your home folder, doubleclick on debug.txt to open it with your default text editor, search for ERROR (most of the time the bottom part), copy all those error lines and paste them here.

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by RockerGirl4Eva » Wed Oct 10, 2012 23:58

It worked! Thanks a ton!

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by budgie » Sun Jan 06, 2013 15:06

i don't get where you paste it

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by rarkenin » Sun Jan 06, 2013 15:16

budgie wrote:i don't get where you paste it

Please tell us what OS you're running, the version of Minetest, and whether you're using RUN_IN_PLACE.
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by Consolegamer29 » Sat Feb 09, 2013 00:51

Dude thanks so much you also helped me !

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