Minetest thinks I'm holding space when I hold shift+e.

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Minetest thinks I'm holding space when I hold shift+e.

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My key config is thus:

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keymap_backward = KEY_KEY_D
keymap_chat = KEY_KEY_T
keymap_cmd = /
keymap_console = KEY_F2
keymap_drop = KEY_KEY_Q
keymap_fastmove = KEY_KEY_C
keymap_forward = KEY_KEY_E
keymap_freemove = KEY_KEY_X
keymap_inventory = KEY_KEY_A
keymap_jump = KEY_SPACE
keymap_left = KEY_KEY_S
keymap_print_debug_stacks = KEY_KEY_B
keymap_rangeselect = KEY_KEY_V
keymap_right = KEY_KEY_F
keymap_sneak = KEY_LSHIFT
keymap_special1 = KEY_KEY_W
When I hold down lshift and then press e, my character starts jumping like a hyperactive rabbit while going forward at sneak speed, as if I was holding jump+sneak+forward. If if I press e first, and then hold down shift it'll work as intended. It only happens when I press shift first. If I release shift but continue holding e, minetest acts as if I was holding jump+forward.

I've tried rebinding individual keys and that seems to stop the problem: if I rebind any of sneak, jump or forward, I cannot recreate this problem. It only happens when all three are bound as above.

I was able to recreate this problem with minetest-0.4.4 on both Windows Vista and Ubuntu 12.04 (using package from the PPA).

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Already added to the GitHb issue tracker: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues/325

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