Sign bug

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Sign bug

by darkhog » Post

I understand that signs when placed on wall should hanging on them, but when placing on ground, signs should be putted in it, not look like this:


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by Heinrich » Post

IIRC I saw signs standing upright on s public server. But I did not manage to create one. Just signs lying on the floor.

BTW, is it possible to somehow insert a linefeed in the sign's test?

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by v3nd3tta » Post

fence + sign maybe?

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by bcmpinc » Post

I've made a small program in c++ with opengl to test whether voxel rendering is feasible. This is the result: (see also the voxel idea wiki page)

[img=Screenshot of voxel renderer][/img].

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by benajamin » Post

Wow bcmpinc! That's a long way to go to allow freestanding signs! I think voxel rendering deserves its own forum topic. Nice work!

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by marvalis » Post

I almost feinted from awesomeness when I saw

The potential of such a web application if you can load/save designs from other people... Then users could develop all kinds of in-game items xD and submit them for being used. The flash application on that website does not allow you to see what others made and you cannot load it to edit it. An application like that is like a standalone game! Go to the side, mess around a bit and make something. You could even craft a miniature building or anything ;P. The key to making this work is the save/load thing and browsing other people's ideas.

Yeh ... the potential ... sharing ideas, expanding the game over the web browser (or at least a part of it) ... music to my ears.
Let people share their creations on facebook.
Let them have stupid battles with it in a web-browser ... xD. And then use it in minetest whenever it suits you! xD.

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by Wolfgang » Post


No idea how to build the sign like that, but looks like it is (or was) possible.

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by celeron55 » Post

There actually have been two kinds of signs, one that was an "old-style" object and the new one which is a block. The old-style objects have been removed in the recent versions in favour of "new-style" objects, but the sign is now a block - and the block sign currently just lays on the ground.

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