How to report bugs

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How to report bugs

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If you want to report bugs, please follow these steps:
  1. Search on github forum if the bug is already reported or solved
  2. [url][/url] Minetest issues [url][/url] Minetest Game issues
  3. Collect information about the bug (see below)
  4. Create a new 'issue' on github
  5. [url][/url] Create a new Minetest issue [url][/url] Create a new Minetest Game issue
Collecting information about the bug:
  • Is the bug reproducible?
  • How can you reproduce the bug?
  • What is your operating system?
  • What is your version of Minetest?
  • What game do you use? (e.g. minetest_game, MiniTest, dwarves)
Also add output from debug.txt in the topic (use the

Code: Select all

 tags of BBCode for that):
[*]Go to the bin/ directory of your Minetest copy (or ~/.minetest/ in a globally installed Minetest) and delete the existing debug.txt[/*]
[*]Add "debug_log_level = verbose" (*) to minetest.conf[/*]
[*]Start Minetest and reproduce the bug[/*]
[*]Close Minetest (if it hasnt crashed already) and copy the contents of the new debug.txt[/*]
[*](Remove "debug_log_level = verbose" from minetest.conf)[/*]

[i]If debug.txt doesn't contain anything but a console pops up, post the content of the console.[/i]

(*) If you are using Minetest 0.4.11 or earlier, use "debug_log_level = 4" instead.

[size=85][[b]EDIT[/b] [i]8/7/17 by sofar - updated to reflect all bug reports need to go to github[/i]][/size]
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